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Connor knows the value of a well-protected intellectual property portfolio. Whether it be a patent, copyright, or trademark, Connor strives to help inventors and business owners make informed, strategic decisions in pursuit of their goals. In addition to intellectual property, Connor also practices in the areas of Corporate Law and Tax Law giving him a well-rounded perspective of the needs and objectives of small and large businesses.

Prior to attending law school, Connor earned his degree in Biological Systems Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His undergraduate coursework gave him a solid foundation for many patentable subject matters such as Biotechnology, Engineering, Chemistry, and Biomedical Devices. During law school, Connor served as an Articles Editor for Wake Forest’s Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law and as the Blog Editor for the Creative Journal of Contemporary Bioethics.

Outside the office, Connor enjoys going outdoors and taking in North Carolina’s stunning scenery, perusing local farmers markets, visiting local shops, tending to his houseplants, and working on his artistic abilities. He is at his happiest with a cup of coffee in hand.

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