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Kristen M. Redman

Staff Attorney
Direct: 336.271.5228
Fax: 336.274.6590


Donna Compton
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Kristen Redman helps creditor clients navigate the complicated Bankruptcy system with much more ease than if they had to manage their claims individually and works with all involved parties to negotiate the most favorable treatment for the creditor client’s claim.  She also works with clients that are pursuing actions in both state and federal court for breach of contract issues, money owed, post-judgment enforcement, and domestication of foreign judgments.  Kristen often works with creditor clients to initially resolve claims for balances owed in an effort to avoid litigation, and to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations as to debt collection.  She has a broad range of experience in bankruptcy litigation, state collection disputes and post-judgment enforcement.  Daily, Kristen works closely with other firm attorneys to ensure optimum results for clients seeking satisfaction of outstanding debts.

Prior to practicing law, Kristen worked in banking for more than eight years which gives her keen insights into the financial services industry.

Recent Representative Matters

  • Worked with a national bank to navigate through issues with accounts in bankruptcy that involved securities investments exempt from the automatic stay.
  • Argued a motion to preserve a national lenders interest in collateral even though the debtor surrendered it.
  • Argued successfully before the Court that although the debtor had surrendered its interest in the vehicle that the creditor client’s lien should not be stripped and treated as unsecured.
  • Successfully negotiated for a claim fully secured for the NADA value of a vehicle that the debtor was seeking to value at 50% of value and keep due to “sentimental reasons.”
  • Defended claim of creditor client against debtor’s allegations of false and fraudulent charges and attempt to fully strip lien in full (first priority lien)
  • Negotiated a settlement agreement and confession of judgment with debtor to pay credit card balance that was long past due and to avoid expensive litigation costs that would not be cost effective
  • Assisted client with demand letters to ensure compliance with CFPB and FDCPA regulations- looking at next steps
  • Worked with Bankruptcy Trustee to negotiate return of rented equipment from bankrupt debtor by preparing a motion for turnover and getting a subsequent order

Outside of the Office
Kristen is active in a number of professional organizations and works with pro-bono clients primarily in the area of immigration asylum law.  Through these organizations Kristen offers pro bono legal services, advocates for women in the legal profession, promotes the interests of attorneys who represent creditors in the state and participates in projects that help support the Greensboro community.

Additionally, when she is not busy focusing on legal-related issues, she enjoys reading and spending time with her dog and cat, Betty Louise and Mister Harry.

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