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Tuggle Duggins is on the move! We are looking for exceptional law students, attorneys and staff to join us on our journey to deliver outstanding service to our growing list of clients. We are home to an outstanding group of professionals dedicated to rising to the top of their respective fields and to providing the highest possible level of service to the firm’s clients.

Is Tuggle Duggins a good match for you? The answer could be “yes” if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a high energy level, and if you function well in a team environment where colleagues continually encourage and challenge each other to grow and, above all, consistently meet a high standard of performance for clients. Whether you are just beginning your career or seeking a new opportunity, we invite you to consider our firm.

If you are a law school student, we want to hear from you. You can discover options we have available to you by reading through our Summer Internships and On-Campus Recruiting policies. If you are an attorney looking to move to a dynamic, competitive firm in North Carolina, see our Lateral Opportunities policy. If searching for an associate or director position with Tuggle Duggins, please review what we’re looking for and see if our firm is right for you.

Our staff is a key part of our ability to provide superior service to our clients. If you enjoy being a part of a hard working team and are committed to excellence, we want to hear from you.

Please contact us with any further questions you may have about our recruiting and hiring policies.

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To apply for any position, please forward a cover letter and resume with references (and transcripts for law students, if possible) to:

Natalie C. Folmar
Recruiting Committee Chair

Summer Internships

Each year, Tuggle Duggins invites a limited number of summer associates to join our practice with the hope of developing a  long-term relationship. Summer associates usually select an area of practice in which they wish to work. Under the guidance of a designated member of the group, the associate will work primarily with attorneys in that group, gaining exposure to as many practice activities as possible including client meetings, closings, depositions, court appearances and mediations. Our goal is to give each summer associate a true law practice experience, as well as the opportunity to get to know us.

On-Campus Recruiting

Tuggle Duggins conducts on-campus interviews at several North Carolina law schools. We regularly receive resumes from numerous law schools, both inside and outside of North Carolina.  Attorneys currently practicing at the firm are graduates of law schools from throughout the United States. We welcome resumes from outstanding students from all accredited law schools.


Tuggle Duggins seeks self-motivated associates who accept challenging work at an early stage. New associates generally work with several attorneys in their practice group and are assigned a mentor to assist in their training and development. Work hours are flexible within practical limits and as required to meet the needs of our clients. The firm seeks to ensure that our clients’ work is done in a timely fashion, with high quality and professionalism, allowing the individual attorney personal freedom in the accomplishment of this goal. At Tuggle Duggins, we strive never to overlook the importance of quality of life to a well-rounded and successful attorney.

Salary and benefits are very competitive with firms in the area. Associate salaries are reviewed annually, and annual bonuses are traditionally awarded. With up-to-date computer technology, a full-time computer technical staff,  and exceptional research tools, the firm provides resources to equip and support associates in meeting our clients’ needs. Associates are hired with the expectation that each will eventually achieve ownership interest in our firm.
Tuggle Duggins sponsors numerous social functions for attorneys during the year, including various family outings.


A substantial number of attorneys have joined Tuggle Duggins at associate, of counsel or director levels as lateral hires from other practices. Lateral applicants must demonstrate a high proficiency in their particular areas of law as well as an ability to assimilate into the firm, regardless of whether or not a significant “book of business” can be brought to the firm.


Upon invitation of the board of directors, senior associates may become directors in the firm. Directors enjoy the financial benefits of profit participation through a production-based compensation plan that allows income opportunity not available at the associate level. Directors make an equity investment in the firm, typically after seven years as an associate. Income for directors is a function of each director’s ability and willingness to work within a production-based framework that encourages and rewards initiative and assertive performance from all directors, regardless of age or status with the firm.


Tuggle Duggins is an equal opportunity employer. It is the firm’s policy to provide equal employment opportunities to all applicants and employees without regard to race, religion, color, creed, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, disability, veteran status, or any other classification protected by applicable local, state or federal employment discrimination laws. This policy applies to all aspects of employment including, but not limited to, hiring, job assignment, compensation, promotion and demotion, benefits, training and termination of employment.

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