A Guardianship is a legal relationship that grants an appointed person the power to make personal and financial decisions on behalf of another person.  If you have been appointed guardian for an individual, believe that someone you love should have a guardian, or need an experienced individual to serve as a guardian, Tuggle Duggins has the expertise to assist you in all phases of this process.

The need for a guardian can arise in many different circumstances, including care for adults with dementia or a serious illness, a Special Needs child attaining the age of 18, and the death of parents of minor children.  In North Carolina, a guardianship appointment is handled through probate court. Guardianships may be routine or they may be contested depending on the particular circumstances.  The process can be complex, frustrating, and time-consuming.

Our experienced attorneys can walk you through the details and challenges and help you avoid common problems, whether procedural, with family members, or the process in general, including handling court filings and required accountings.

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