Workouts & Loan Modifications

Our attorneys combine the knowledge gained representing lenders in loan origination with the skill and experience of our litigation and bankruptcy attorneys to protect the rights of banks and other financial institutions. We handle workouts of all sizes and levels of complexity, from small business loans to complex commercial and industrial loans.

We have experience advising and assisting lenders on private contractual arrangements to reorganize or restructure debt in a manner that minimizes additional risk and maximizes our clients’ opportunity to realize the best possible outcome. Should the need arise, we also have extensive experience in enforcing the rights, interests and remedies of lenders in workouts and loan enforcements that compel borrowers to honor their promises to repay their debts.

In addition to representing lenders in workouts, our attorneys also advise and assist borrowers in workouts and loan modifications.  We have extensive experience in helping borrowers navigate the often complex negotiations that arise out of workouts and loan modifications.  Our attorneys use an interdisciplinary team approach to minimize risk for borrowers and provide creative solutions and options for our clients.

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