Condemnation, Foreclosure, and Litigation

Our firm provides representation to clients whose real property is being condemned and taken through a government’s exercise of its powers of eminent domain.

Our clients include the actual owners of the real property being condemned, as well as persons having  security interests, easements, or other possessory rights in real property. We strive to maximize the economic recovery for the client and to minimize confusion surrounding condemnation actions.

Tuggle Duggins also assists clients through the foreclosure process for either secured lenders or borrowers. We help clients navigate proceedings before Clerks of Superior Court across North Carolina and in related proceedings in Superior Court to enjoin or appeal foreclosures.  Both before and after foreclosures, our attorneys also assist both lenders and borrowers in negotiating friendly foreclosures and deeds-in-lieu transactions as parts of larger reorganizations, or where such a result otherwise best suits our clients’ needs.

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